Mysterious Friend Label

Mysterious Friend Label is a very small operation, dedicated to the pursuit and propagation of honest experimental music, focusing primarily on extreme, classification defying electronic music. The label was quietly formed in 2009 to print Bubblegum Octopus' debut full-length, The Album Formerly Known As "8-Legged Dance Moves".

Heading forward, Mysterious Friend Label hopes to continue infrequently releasing music that spews effusive passion and emotional sincerity, as projected through the lens of far-left-of-center artists and groups, and primarily focusing on small-form releases, compilations, peculiar concepts, and handmade/short-run, multimedia packages.


MFL001: Bubblegum Octopus - The Album Formerly Known As "8-Legged Dance Moves" - April 3rd, 2009 (CD)
MFL002: Various Artists - Christmasasaurus Vol. 5.5 - December 25th, 2015 (digital)
MFL003: ?????? - ??????? - coming 2016...

(real website forthcoming?!)